My Little Baby’s Growing Up!

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Frank turned 12 on Sunday (sniff). My little baby’s growing up! Max will be three in about three weeks and Zach will turn 18 in a month (Lord help me!). I keep telling them all to stay little, but they don’t listen to me!

I picked up some mysterious illness over the weekend and having been running a low-grade fever ever since. I’m still feeling a bit puny and completely puzzled about what I have. If it keeps up, I’ll go to the doc.

I wasn’t too sick to release my new book, however! How to Reborn a Doll in a Day is now online and available for instant download at:

The print version will be available in about two weeks.

What is a reborn doll, you ask? They’re adorable!! Don’t miss the photos of our lifelike babies here:

Hugs to all!

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