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May 09, 2012

Paying Markets And Jobs For May 9th | printable version


These markets are NOT recycled guidelines. only features original market listings, received from and approved by the editors at each publication.

New England Review

Overnight Travel Buses Magazine, W65 N755 Washington Ave, Cedarburg, WI 53012. Email: Website: Thomas Tegart, Editor. "Overnight Buses Travel Magazine is a brand-new travel magazine for the iPad. We publish travel essays, narratives and longer travel stories along with amazing travel photography." Welcomes new writers. 100% freelance. Quarterly. Pays after completion of edits. Publishes ms 3 months after acceptance. Responds within 2-4 weeks. Buys "a worldwide license. Author retains ownership of final work and is free to distribute work on their website or place in anthologies." No reprints. Sample copy available on App Store on iTunes. Subscription free. Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "Longer travel narratives and personal travel essays. We occasionally accept book excerpts and photo-essays." Pays $250-$325 for 1000 to 5000 words. Submit complete ms to
PHOTOS/ART: "We do not currently pay separately for photography. We pay a flat fee for article plus art."
HINTS: "We do not accept guides or articles with recommendations or prices. Please, please, please do not send those to us. We want personal stories and longer, emotional travel narratives. If it makes our readers laugh, cry or want to book a flight immediately and have an adventure, we want it."

Recreation News, Editorial Office, 204 Greenwood Road, Linthicum, MD 21093. P(410)944-4852. Email: Website: Marvin Bond, Editor. 90% freelance. A monthly tabloid on recreation, travel and entertainment in the Mid Atlantic states, reaching 250K federal and corporate employees. Welcomes new writers. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes manuscript 1-3 months after acceptance. Occasionally accepts reprints. Responds 30 to 90 days. Sample by email, mail or online. Subscription $15. Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "Do not submit anything until you review our Writer's Guidelines" on website. Pays flat fee of $100-$300 for 600-1,000 words. Only accepts stories about Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia .
PHOTOS/ART: "Prefer digital at 200 dpi. Quality photos are essential."
HINTS: "Strong regional focus. Common mistakes include submitting stories too long, inappropriate content, or too far out of our region. Looking for destination stories with specifics of where to go and what to do; leisure and recreation. No 'how-tos', no first person. Let us know your specific area of interest and experience. Don't say, 'I can write anything about anywhere.'"

Sound & Communications, 25 Willowdale Ave., Port Washington, NY 11050. Email: Website: David A. Silverman, Editor. "Our publication is read by consultants, integrators and contractors who are involved in designing and installing fixed-install commercial audiovisual systems. All submissions must be tailored to this specific segment. We are not interested in ėgeneric' pieces." 40% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 27K. Monthly. Pays 30 days after publication. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys first rights. No reprints. Responds within one week. Sample copy available online. Subscription free to their trade. Guidelines not available. "If they have something appropriate for our market, they should contact me."
CURRENT NEEDS: Queries. "Payments are negotiated based on the writer's expertise and the type of submission. Minimum 650 words (for a single page, self-contained piece); otherwise, length is dictated by the subject."
PHOTOS/ART: "Hi-res; these usually are supplied by the subject, or manufacturers will take non-commercial images for us."
HINTS: Common mistakes are "not knowing our market, wasting my time and theirs. We have a very specific area of interest, which is relatively technical. Writing for us requires some strong background in our market segment."


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Freelance Writer - classical music expert
blind ad

Freelance Dutch to English Translators
blind ad

Freelance Writers, Designers
Profile Executives and Today's Profile Magazine

Freelance Technical Writer - near Portland, OR

Freelance Writers
Not For Tourists

Freelance Technical Writer - to revise/draft technical how-to articles on IT topics
blind ad

Freelance Blogger / Website Content Writer
two websites

Freelance Social Media Marketer
blind ad

Freelance "Relationship Builder" - pays $500/week
blog publisher

Freelance Closed-Caption Editors

Freelance Content Manager

Freelance French Canadian Proofreader - Pays $20-$25/hour.
blind ad

Freelance Website Content Writer/Copywriter - Pays $10-/$12/hour.
blind ad

Fact Checker/Researcher
educational publisher

Freelance Local Reporter - near Jacksonville, Texas

Freelance Investment Editor & Blog Contributors
Wyatt Investment Research

Freelance Assistant Editor
editorial services company

Freelance Political Researchers - Pays $13-$20/hour.

Freelance Writer
Internet marketing company

Freelance Higher Education Copywriter
blind ad

Freelance Workplace Investigator - must be fluent in Spanish and English
blind ad

Freelance Technical Writer/Instructional Designer - with Flare experience
blind ad

Freelance Freelance Writer/Researcher
independent publisher

Freelance Freelance Business & Comedy Writer
CRM magazine


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