Rejected Writer Threatens to Open Fire! Whispers and Warnings for 07/12/18

Rejected Writer Threatens to Open Fire! Whispers and Warnings for 07/12/18

Amazon has new foe in the FTC
Amazon Antitrust Critic Joins FTC as Agency Sets Sights on Tech
“As a student at Yale Law School, Khan wrote a paper for the Yale Law Journal called ‘Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox,’ which argues that the current antitrust enforcement framework is ill-equipped to tackle Amazon’s dominance and the potential harm it poses to competition.”

NOT the right way to handle a writing rejection!
Woman Arrested For Threat Against Walpole Times Journalist
“The specific threats were mentioned shooting a firearm through the window of The Walpole Times while people were there…”

Copyright infringement ON A STAMP?! Government incompetence at its finest!
U.S. Postal Service Will Pay $3.5M for Stamp Copyright Infringement Case
“The stamp featured the face of his Lady Liberty, which his attorneys argued in court filings was unmistakably different from the original and was more ‘fresh-faced,’ ‘sultry’ and even ‘sexier.'”

Harbach accuser “strikes out”
Federal Judge Tosses Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against ‘The Art of Fielding’ Author
“…a strained attempt to impose structure where none is salient, evident, or important to the works as a whole.”

Report: People commit online piracy because “It’s free.”
Piracy: The most common reasons for committing copyright infringement
“Perhaps unsurprisingly, the main reason for committing copyright infringement is ‘it is free’, the Intellectual Property Office’s (IPO) Online Copyright Infringement Tracker report has found.”

Mile high drama – this is crazy on so many levels
Dallas Woman Apologizes After Her Live-tweeting Two Strangers Meeting On Plane Called Invasion of Privacy
“Although Blair attempted to preserve the seatmate’s anonymity through edited photos, Twitter romantics were still able to find the woman’s Instagram. While Holden experienced a rise in popularity, the mystery woman was harassed off of social media.”