front-page-live Whispers and Warnings for 07/06/18 Whispers and Warnings for 07/06/18

206 Complaints about Author Solutions submitted to the Better Business Bureau!! 😮
Author Solutions, LLC – Reviews & Complaints
“For God’s sake, find a different publisher…”

Did AP journalists “tip off” FBI on Manafort?
AP meeting with FBI raises ethical questions
“This is a lapse of journalistic ethics,” said Don Irvine, chairman of Accuracy in Media. “It looks like The Associated Press is cooperating with the investigation and pushing this information to get Manafort so it could get to Trump.”

Amazon moving into the advertising arena; industry leaders nervous
Jeff Bezos and Amazon have the advertising industry looking over its shoulder
“The scary part for marketers is that [data] is all walled off, and if you want the special sauce you have to play by Amazon’s rules.”

Controversial new copyright laws in the EU slowed down in Parliament
European lawmakers delay controversial copyright law over concerns it could censor memes, articles
Under the new directive on copyright, online content platforms like Google and Facebook would be required to use filtering systems that block content — such as images and videos — that infringes the rights-holder’s copyright.”

Cantankerous Sci-Fi writer Harlan Ellison dead at 84
Harlan Ellison Dies at 84; Prolific, Irascible (Science) Fiction Writer
“Call me a science fiction writer…I’ll come to your house and I’ll nail your pet’s head to a coffee table. I’ll hit you so hard your ancestors will die.”



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