WritersWeekly.com Whispers and Warnings for 03/22/18

WritersWeekly.com Whispers and Warnings for 03/22/18

“Best Selling author” doesn’t always equate to “smart.”
Woman Assumes Olympics Fan Is Flying a Confederate Flag. It Was Norwegian.
“Maybe that’s the story,” she told the Seattle Times. “We’re so stressed by all things political that we see things that aren’t there.”


Amazon lists children’s book, “Leaders” – featuring Adolf Hitler
This children’s book features Hitler among ‘great leaders’
“Indian publisher Pegasus landed itself in hot water this week when it emerged that it’s “Great Leaders” book for children included Adolf Hitler.”

NOTE: On March 17th, this book had no reviews. Angela posted a negative “review” about this book on that day to alert Amazon about this book. Amazon approved the review, and posted it, but didn’t take the book down. Since then, additional negative reviews have been posted.


Posting “offensive humor” can land you in jail in the UK!
YouTuber Convicted for “Offensive” Joke Vido, Faces Prison
“A YouTuber has been convicted by a UK court of being “grossly offensive” over a video in which he trained his pet

Did Miley Cyrus steal lyrics?
Miley Cyrus Facing $300 Million Lawsuit Alleging Copyright Infringement
“The song features references to partying and drug use, and Cyrus played up her controversial new image while promoting the song and its album, ‘Bangerz.'”




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