Whispers and Warnings for 10/05/2017

Whispers and Warnings for 10/05/2017

Professor/Author still fights multiple “investigations” and lawsuit for criticizing “campus sex bureaucracy.’
Northwestern Investigated Laura Kipnis Again for Violating Title IX with Her Opinions
“Northwestern University investigated Kipnis after she wrote an essay about campus sex politics for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Students claimed her article had violated Title IX, the federal statute ostensibly dealing with gender equality on campus.”

Does Bill Cosby have the right to call his accusers “liars?”
Cosby accuser asks U.S. appeals court to revive defamation lawsuit
“McKee sued Cosby in 2015, a year after the Nevada resident told the newspaper he raped her in a Detroit hotel room in 1974.”

Police officer suing tennis player over book.
NYPD Officer Who Tackled Tennis Star James Blake Sues for Defamation
“[The officer] has been cast as a racist and a goon. Though this characterization could not be farther from the truth, this public perception has not only led to his family fleeing their home in fear as a result of public threats to their safety, it has ruined a good man’s career, name and reputation,”

Alibaba – the next online retailer with copyright headaches
Alibaba Hit With Class Action Claiming Rampant Copyright Infringement
“The lawsuit brought on behalf of professional Indiana artist Michel Keck seeks to certify a class of copyright holders who have seen their work copied and sold on Alibaba’s network of websites. The 81-page complaint, filed Monday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, spins a Kafkaesque tale about Keck’s attempts to get dozens of China-based sellers to stop selling knock-offs and copies of her work”

Amazon having tax troubles in E.U.
Amazon Hit With $294 Million Bill in EU Tax Crackdown
“Amazon was allowed to pay four times less tax than other local companies subject to the same national tax rules … this is illegal under EU state-aid rules.”