Whispers and Warnings – 11/30/17

Whispers and Warnings – 11/30/17

Nobel Literature Prize does not escape sexual harassment stain.
Nobel literature academy ensnarled in #MeToo sex scandal wave
“The prestigious Swedish Academy, founded in 1786, was drawn into the sex abuse net on Thursday when it announced that several members as well as members’ wives and daughters had allegedly been assaulted by the well-known figure at the centre of the scandal.”

The (Russian) Empire Strikes Back
Russia’s Putin signs ‘foreign agents’ media law
“It will … allow Moscow to force foreign media to brand news they provide to Russians as the work of ‘foreign agents’ and to disclose their funding sources.”

DISTURBING! Reporter goes undercover in Amzon warehouse
Undercover at Amazon: Exhausted humans are inefficient so robots are taking over
“Those who could not keep up with the punishing targets faced the sack – and some who buckled under the strain had to be attended to by ambulance crews.”

Author Emma Cline accused of plagiarism by ex boyfriend
Battle over ‘The Girls’: Emma Cline’s ex alleges plagiarism by spyware
“The novelist said in a countersuit that the plagiarism allegations are the ‘ludicrous’ acts of a man who is jealous of her success and are part of a two-year assault on her mental health and literary reputation.”





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