Whispers and Warnings – 10/26/17

Whispers and Warnings – 10/26/17

This Week’s Sexual Harassment Casualty
Artforum Publisher Quits After Sexual Harassment Complaint
“A former circulation assistant at the magazine, who began working at Artforum in 2009 at the age of 21, Schmitt said Landesman, a man decades her senior, made lewd remarks and touched her inappropriately in the office. He continued to harass her long after she left the company, she said.”

Rapper Sues Political Party for Copyright Infringement
Eminem Wins Copyright Infringement Battle Against New Zealand National Party
“Back in 2014, the National Party aired a campaign ad highlighting the nation’s flourishing economy with a background track titled “Eminem Esque” that it used to drive home their message.”

… And this is just weird:
Weed some, lose some
“The hoopla around a marijuana company allegedly infringing on the copyright of an established food delivery business can be seen as part of the growing pains faced by Canada’s weed industry as it moves from the black market into the mainstream.”

Scam Targets Freelance Writers
Scam Alert: Fraudsters Targeting Freelancers With Fake Job Offers
“Individuals using the names of editors and senior management for The Atlantic magazine have sent out numerous fake job and interview offers, using multiple email addresses and made-up domain names.”


Fall 2023 24 Hour Short Story Contest