Whispers and Warnings – 01/25/18

Whispers and Warnings – 01/25/18

2018 Winter Institute Buzzwords – “Diversity” and “Sustainability”

Booksellers Tackle Diversity and the Sustainability of the Indie Model
“…most owners have to work long hours. Many are forced to take or keep other jobs. Paying employees a wage of $15/per hour is hard, particularly at a time when publisher deals with larger accounts devalue the book.”

“Grumpy Cat” Wins Big Lawsuit.

Grumpy Cat Awarded $710,000 In Copyright Infringement Suit
“The perpetually scowling kitty, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, has been awarded a cool $710,000 in a copyright infringement case. “

This Columnist Thinks Libel and Slander Laws Should Go Bye Bye.

Libel and slander laws should be repealed
“…if one’s reputation is what others think about him, whose property are other people’s thoughts? The thoughts I have in my mind about others, and hence their reputations, belong to me.”

And, Then AMAZON happened…

Fuse Chicken Vs. Amazon Is The David Vs. Goliath Lawsuit To Watch In 2018
“Rather than a rise of sales on Amazon, Fuse Chicken watched as their numbers ‘went off a cliff,’ Fawcett lamented. The month’s sales did not even add up to $10,000.”



Fall 2023 24 Hour Short Story Contest


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