Whispers and Warnings – 12/28/17

Whispers and Warnings – 12/28/17

New (alleged) scam targeting writers
How Not To Promote a Writing Contest: The NY Literary Magazine
“So what is NYLM? Basically, an obscure literary magazine with a very high opinion of itself (check out how often it uses ‘distinguished’ as a descriptor).”

Judge says “NO” to blocking Project Veritas on First Amendment grounds
Conservative Group Gets Judge’s OK to Publish Info on Michigan Teachers’ Union
“The AFT-Michigan, a statewide teacher’s union, filed the lawsuit in September, saying Project Veritas used an operative to infiltrate the union.”

Same technology used for “Bitcoin” now being tried in protecting copyrighted material.
NKOR Creates Blockchain For Copyright Infringement, Content Creators
“The company claims that content is being downloaded, altered and redistributed in such a massive scale that it’s become impossible to verify the authenticity and ownership of the original content.”

Libel?? Former British spy backpedals on “Russian Collusion” dossier
Faced with libel lawsuit, dossier drafter Christopher Steele hedges on linking Trump to Russia
“While Mr. Steele stated matter-of-factly in his dossier that collusion between Mr. Trump and the Russian government took place, he called it only ‘possible’ months later in court filings. While he confidently referred to ‘trusted’ sources inside the Kremlin, in court he referred to the dossier’s ‘limited intelligence.’”




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