Whispers and Warnings – 12/21/17

Whispers and Warnings – 12/21/17

Uh-Oh! Is Amazon now having trouble with on-time delivery – even with premium fees???
CLICKMAS CHAOS Amazon faces probe by watchdog over delayed Christmas gifts as customers complain they’ve been ‘duped’ into paying premium
“I spent all day on the phone with Amazon. My orders were due on Friday and were guaranteed for 8pm and have still not arrived. I pay about £80 a year for Prime and this is about the third or fourth time it has happened.”

Angela predicted this outcome when the lawsuit was filed.
No Liability for Self-Publishing Platforms over Author’s Use of Unauthorized Cover Photo
“…the dispute began with the unauthorized publication of the plaintiffs’ engagement photograph on the cover of an erotic book authored by Greg McKenna (under a pseudonym).”

Naming names comes with risk as the #MeToo movement grows
Can you be sued for sharing your #MeToo story?
“…naming names carries some risk — more specifically, the risk of being sued for defamation.”

The title says it all!
When a Copyright Infringement Search Tool Gets Its Copyright Infringed
“PicQuery didn’t even bother to use find-and-replace to hide the fact that they copied TinEye’s code directly…”



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