Whispers and Warnings – 11/02/17

Whispers and Warnings – 11/02/17

CBS allegedly sues photographer out of retailation.
CBS sues man for copyright over screenshots of 59-year-old TV show
“The lawsuit against New York photojournalist Jon Tannen, filed on Friday, is essentially a retaliatory strike. Tannen sued CBS Interactive in
February, claiming that the online division of CBS had used two of his photographs without permission.”

Amazon allegedly “rank-strips: author
Amazon’s Hall of Spinning Knives
“Phoenix made a box set free for a few days at the very start of October…On the third day of her free run, Phoenix’s box set was rank-stripped by Amazon, a punishment normally reserved for those who have used clickfarms or bots.”

Fraudsters go the extra mile to run this scam targeting writers…
Scam Alert: Fraudsters Targeting Freelancers With Fake Job Offers
“The perpetrators have gone so far as to conduct job interviews by phone and gchat; to require signature on employment agreements, direct
deposit, and tax forms; and to mail fake checks to individuals (in the hope that these “advances” would be cashed, thereby providing the
perpetrators with bank account information and/or credit card information).

Vermont Newspaper accused of copyright infringement and “racketeering.”
Newport Express, Former Publisher Sued For ‘Racketeering’ Activity
“The lawsuit also claims the Express stole the Caledonian-Record’s Associated Press (AP) subscription password and used it for years to
download more than 680 photographs for its own use on the Caledonian-Record’s account.”


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