High school essay sends man to prison! Whispers and Warnings – 10/25/18

High school essay sends man to prison! Whispers and Warnings – 10/25/18

This young lady is a hero!
Student’s class essay about being raped sends man to prison
“Her writing assignment about overcoming obstacles leads to conviction of Ohio man in rapes of girl and her two sisters.”

How a fan fiction for Cixin Liu’s Three-Body Problem became an official novel
“Since the publication of The Three-Body Problem, the first installment of Cixin Liu’s epic science fiction trilogy about making contact with an alien civilization, the series has gone on to earn the Chinese author enormous acclaim and legions of fans worldwide — including President Barack Obama. Next year, Tor Books will publish a new novel set in the same world, titled The Redemption of Time, but it won’t be by Liu…”

Gingerbread Village photo was copyrighted!!
Online picture leads to lawsuit
“East Texas would show that it received the photograph and article from Real News Public Relations and assumed it had authority to re-publish as it had on prior occasions when receiving materials from Real News Public Relations,” the complaint states.

Facebook ad metrics challenged in court
Facebook Video Ad Metric Lawsuit Prompts Publishers to Revisit the ‘Pivot to Video’
“Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of the progressive news site Talking Points Memo, said that while the erroneous metrics might not have been the only reason publishers pivoted, he thought it played a role in a bigger misrepresentation on Facebook’s part about the prospects of investing in social video.”

Academic authors sued over “subscription” program
Cengage Settles Author Lawsuit
“In their lawsuit, which has now been dismissed, authors David Knox and Caroline Schacht said that it was not clear how royalties would be paid to them under the new subscription model, which was introduced this year. In the court document, the authors said the publisher had ‘trampled’ on their rights.”

Embarrassing! Shouldn’t they screen these BEFORE publication?
One publisher, more than 7000 retractions
“Some 40% of the retractions in the Retraction Watch database have a single curious origin. Over the past decade, one publisher—the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in New York City—has quietly retracted thousands of conference abstracts.”

Good riddance!
An Academic Publisher Vanishes
“A dubious predatory academic publisher called Open Access Publishing London (OAPL) seems to have died. Their website has gone down, taking some 1,500 scientific papers with it. What can we learn from this?”


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