Whispers and Warnings for 08/17/2017

Whispers and Warnings for 08/17/2017

Thou Shalt Not Steal!
Pastor Caught Plagiarizing in New Book
“(A politician’s) pastor plagiarized the work of another minister in part of his new book, according to reports.”

Wife of billionaire can’t seem to pay the rent for the newspaper she bought.
Publisher of Alaska’s largest newspaper sued for unpaid rent
“The lawsuit says defendants breached their contract with GCI in several ways, including failure to make payments as required since mid-December, citing cash flow problems, as well as failing to vacate GCI’s warehouse premises.”

Mugshot mayhem to be mulled over in court.
Lawsuits Seek to Bring Down Mugshot Profiteering
“It seems to directly target Mugshots.com’s business model: publishing arrest photos en masse and refusing to remove them unless its “unpublishing” service is paid a large fee, several hundred dollars per photo or more.”

Art copyright infringement
Zazzle Hit With $460K Verdict Over Copyright Infringement
“Greg Young Publishing Inc. accused Zazzle in its June 2016 suit of letting customers run wild with pilfered prints created by artist Kerne Erickson, court records show. The company did nothing while customers paid to have Erickson’s images, to which Greg Young holds the copyrights, printed on various blank items, according to the suit.”

NYT in trouble again!
NY Times must face defamation lawsuit over professor’s slavery comments
“According to court papers, Block, a self-described libertarian, said that while he used the words attributed to him, the reporters Sam Tanenhaus and Jim Rutenberg distorted their meaning by omitting necessary context.”