Whispers and Warnings for 05/25/17

Whispers and Warnings for 05/25/17

Richard Simmons sues for libel – was there a blackmail attempt?
Richard Simmons, Once Rumored Missing, Surfaces With Libel Lawsuit Over Reports of Sex Change
“Simmons claims that the false information came from Mauro Oliveira, who has allegedly tried to blackmail Simmons since 2015.”

More info on Amazon’s “Buy Button” trickery
Amazon Steps Up Its Battle With the Book Industry
“Publishers—including some very, very large ones like Penguin Random House—are now desperately figuring out the sources of these sellers’ books. They are worried that publishers and authors may not be paid from all sales.”

Students file suit to be allowed to hand out…the US Constitution
Group seeking injunction against KCC over free speech concerns
“It is shocking and upsetting to see officials from public colleges refer to our country’s founding document as a threatening solicitation. The blatant disregard for free speech on public campuses is precisely why the words and rights of the U.S. Constitution should be spread far and wide.”

Canadian journalists arrested while filming crash scene
Canadian journalism group calls for public inquiry after journalists arrested in Hamilton
“…tensions came to a head in Hamilton Tuesday evening after Global News videographer Jeremy Cohn and freelance journalist David Ritchie were arrested by Hamilton police while on assignment covering the death of a 10-year-old girl in a collision.”

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