Whispers and Warnings – 01/16/18

Whispers and Warnings – 01/16/18

Political correctness fighter sues fellow professors
‘Deplorable’ NYU prof sues university, colleagues for defamation
“A New York University liberal studies professor known for his tweets fighting back against PC culture filed a defamation lawsuit against the school and four colleagues last week over a string of claims he said were false, the New York Post reported.”

White noise copyright?
White noise video on YouTube hit by five copyright claims
“A musician who made a 10-hour long video of continuous white noise – indistinct electronic hissing – has said five copyright infringement claims have been made against him.”

Ireland fights copyright infringement
Websites infringing TV and film copyright to be blocked
“A body representing some of the world’s biggest TV and film studios has secured High Court injunctions blocking several websites involved in illegal downloading and streaming of films and TV shows.”

Thoughts on sensitivity readers
Let’s Talk About Sensitivity Readers
“One thing that gets left out of the conversation is that, when an author fails to write well-rounded, fleshed-out characters outside of their own realm of experience, it’s, at its core, a craft failure. In simple terms: it’s bad writing.”



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