Whispers and Warnings for 06/15/17

Whispers and Warnings for 06/15/17

Did Dillan use “SparkNotes” for his Nobel Prize speech?!
Bob Dylan Accused of Plagiarizing Nobel Lecture From SparkNotes
“In all, Pitzer said she found at least 20 sentences in Dylan’s lecture that resembled the SparkNotes entry on Moby-Dick…Pitzer noted where certain key phrases appeared on the site but not in the book.”

Fraternity settles with Rolling Stone over fake “on-campus rape” story.
UVA fraternity agrees to dismiss lawsuit against Rolling Stone
“…’the entire University of Virginia community were shocked by the now infamous article, and we are pleased to be able to close the book on that trying ordeal and its aftermath,’ the fraternity said in a news release.”

“Woman’s Day” thought they might get sued, they did, and they’ve now lost the lawsuit 
See original story HERE.
Rebel Wilson wins defamation case against publisher
“Australian comedian Rebel Wilson has won a defamation suit against a global magazine publisher after the Victorian Supreme Court found a series of articles alleging she was a serial liar had damaged her career”

High school student punished for jokingly giving political speech
Violating the First Amendment, High School Punishes Student for Satirical Campaign Speech
“(The student) also suggested in jest that his opponent supports their rivals at the nearby high school, whereas he would “build a wall” between the two schools — and make their rival pay for it.”



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