Writing Slide Show Scripts – A Profitable Market For Freelancers! By E. Burt Close

Q. How lucrative is slide show scriptwriting?
A. Fees for writing slide show scripts range from about $3,000 to $7,000, depending on the time required, number of frames and complexity of the subject.

Q. What are these slide shows used for?
A. They can be used to accomplish the following…

  1. Be the centerpiece for major meetings.
  2. Introduce new products.
  3. Sell prospective buyers on products and services.
  4. Provide on-the-job training.
  5. Present new advertising and promotion campaigns.
  6. Educate employees and students.
  7. Explain finances and tax issues to the public.
  8. Enthuse workers and upper management about project plans.
  9. Train employees in safe working habits.
  10. Explain health and retirement benefits.

This is only a partial list. Slide shows can do many other things, depending on the needs of the company or individual.

Q. Is there more than one category of slide shows?
A. Yes…

“Custom” Slide Shows that clients and customers pay you to write and produce.
“Stock” Slide Shows that you create to sell to multiple clients. You own them, market them, and reap large profits from their sales. You can sell them again and again for many years.

Q. Are slide shows usually produced by professional writers?
A. No. Unfortunately, they are not. In spite of the marvelous slide-show-making software programs that are available, such as PowerPOINT, Corel Presentations, Corel Presents and Aldus Persuasion, most of these shows are not as good as they could be. Many organizations would be very happy to outsource their slide show needs to freelance writers, if only they knew someone capable of doing quality work in a timely manner.

Q. Who would be interested in buying slide show scripts as well as complete slide shows that writers produce?
A. Big and small corporations and companies, organizations of every type, local and federal governments, and schools, universities and colleges. Even families that want a “Family History” type of show are potential clients.

Q. How can I learn the ropes on writing slide show scripts and producing slide shows?
A. How to Dig for Slide Show Gold is available at WritersWeekly.com as a paperback and an ebook. It covers every aspect of scriptwriting as well as the production of complete, finished slide shows. You can use it both as a textbook and a reference book.

A lifelong professional scriptwriter and promotional writer, Burt Close started writing at 18, tutored by Richard Powell, author of The Philadelphian, I Take This Land, and Pioneer Go Home. A WWII pilot, his stories have appeared in national publications and an anthology. He lives in Fort Myers, Florida.

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