Writing Newsletter Articles For or About Children By Natalie Hale

There are many advantages to writing with children in mind. For one, they and those who assist them, are often seeking advice. Parents, especially of young children, are usually very inexperienced when it comes to caring for a family. What should they look for in a good family doctor? What activities, books, magazines, or music will best entertain and educate the very young? And where can potential writers of children’s fiction go to get help honing their talent to meet the needs of grade-schoolers?

An excellent place to delve into this market is by submitting to newsletters. There are many such publications geared to writing for children, family issues, or just for helping out other writers of family-friendly literature.

Newsletters are a relatively inexpensive, yet often widely circulated form of periodical. They give you the chance to get published, build a track record, and expand your portfolio, while making a profit as well. Editors, especially of newer publications, are readily looking for content. They want a piece that is informative and worthy of their readership, and a piece that meets their publication’s editorial style. As long as a writer can offer what they need, that writer will be in demand.

Newsletters are also great for the photography-challenged. Many magazines require articles be submitted with original photos. With newsletters, all they need is your written words. No pictures; just words.

So how do you get published in a newsletter? The same way you do a magazine. Begin with an idea, find a matching publication, and submit a query. Ideas for articles come from a myriad of sources. For inspiration, try reading a few children’s magazines, books, or newsletters. Let other writers’ ideas spill onto yours and formulate your thoughts. From one story or article, you could have a dozen or so ideas that can take shape and become your next query letter.

Whether your interest is children’s fiction, parenting, or helping fellow children’s writers, remember that the children’s newsletter market is wide open, advantageous, and ready for content.

Paying Newsletter Markets

Children’s Writer
Pays $200-$300.

Children’s Book Insider
Pays: $25-$50

SCBWI Bulletin
Pays: $50

Funds for Writers
Pays: $30 for originals/$10 for reprints.

Pays: 2 cents/word.

Healthy Childcare
Pays: $125-$175

Three Leaping Frogs
Pays: $20-$25

Natalie Hale, founder of NatalieHale.com, is a writer of children’s literature. She has written for Renaissance Magazine, Children’s Book Insider, Brady Magazine, and Writer’s Hood. She is currently writing her first series of children’s books. For more details visit https://www.nataliehale.com.