17 Paying Christian Markets for Writers By Laura Yeager

Spread the good news! Write for a Christian market.

From Christian headline news around the world, to inspirational features, to prayers and devotionals, and emotional first-hand accounts, these magazines are hungry for Jesus-inspired articles.

The two articles I wrote recently for a Christian magazine were based on my personal experience and expertise; “Giving a Talk at Your Church” informed readers how to prepare and present an oral presentation for a church-based, Christian audience. “Loving the Mentally Ill” discussed dealing with those with mental illness in your Christian congregation. I’m currently writing an article for a specifically Catholic Christian magazine about Jesus’ relationship to his mother Mary.

What’s important when writing for this market is to be sincere and honest. Prayer and reflection about your topics and their impact can only add to their quality. You’re writing to believing editors who can differentiate the wheat from the chafe. When you’re quoting the Bible, be sure to draw from the magazine’s Bible version and edition of choice.

Like writing for all markets, when writing for a particular Christian magazine, be sure to read the periodical before stepping out to write for it.

Below are some Christian venues, brief descriptions of the magazines and/or what they’re looking for, links to their writer’s guidelines pages and information about what each pays (when provided).

Bible Advocate
“A denominational magazine by the Church of God (Seventh Day), founded in 1863. It’s geared to help Christians understand and obey God’s Word.”
Guidelines: https://baonline.org/images/Writer%27s%20Guidelines%202009-08.pdf
Pays $25-$55.

Catholic Digest
“The Magazine for Catholic Living”
Guidelines: https://www.catholicdigest.com/writers_guidelines.html
Pays $200 – $300.00.

“Chosen in Christ. Called to Influence.”
A Christian women’s magazine
Guidelines: https://www.kyria.com/help/
Pays: $50-$150/ article

Living Light News
“We are an award-winning evangelical Christian lifestyles newspaper featuring news, sports and entertainment which glorifies God and proclaims the Gospel message.”
Pays $0.08/word.

The Lookout
“For Today’s Growing Christian”
Guidelines: https://www.lookoutmag.com/write/
Pays $0.11-$0.17/word

The Lutheran
“The Magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America”
Guidelines: https://www.livinglutheran.org/write-for-us/
Usually pays $150/printed page.

Plain Truth Magazine
“Christianity Without Religion”
Contact: info@ptm.org
Pays $0.15/word.

Presbyterians Today
Contact: today@pcusa.org
Pays $75- $300.

PRISM Magazine
We look at culture, politics and ministry through the lens of Christian faith. We encourage Christians to infuse every aspect of their life with their relationship with Christ.”
Guidelines: https://prismmagazine.org/submissions/
Pays approx. $0.10/word plus $25 for photos ($200 for cover photo).

Busted Halo
“An online [Catholic] magazine for spiritual seekers.”
Guidelines: https://www.bustedhalo.com/contact
Pay varies.

Charisma and Christian Life
“Spirit-filled News, Teaching, Commentary”
Guidelines: https://charismamag.com/index.php/write-for-us
Pay is negotiable.

The Christian Leader
“Online Magazine of the US Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches”
Guidelines: https://www.usmb.org/feature-articles
Pay varies.

Christianity Today
“A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction”
Guidelines: https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/help/guidelines.html
Pay varies.

“Inspiring Stories. Inspiring People. Inspiring You.”
A magazine of first-person, faith-based stories
Guidelines: https://www.guideposts.org/tell-us-your-story
Pay is negotiable.

“Oldest Ethnic Christian magazine”
Contact: https://www.messagemagazine.com/contact-us/
Pay varies.

“God. Life. Progressive Culture.”
A Christian magazine for those in their 20’s
Guidelines: https://www.relevantmagazine.com/how-to-write-for-relevant
Pay varies.

Laura Yeager writes literary fiction, and nonfiction for many kinds of markets. Her nonfiction frequently appears in The Writer Magazine, bp Magazine and at thesavvygal.com. She also works as a professional blogger and speechwriter. She teaches online fiction writing at Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Laura is currently looking for an agent for a middle-grade novel series.