Making Money Writing for Popular YouTubers! by Devansh Chaturvedi

Making Money Writing for Popular YouTubers! by Devansh Chaturvedi

With more than one billion active monthly users, Youtube is the second most searched website on Google. Three hundred hours of videos are uploaded every minute and four billion videos are viewed daily. Now, with this data, it is clear that Youtube has a lot of genres and each genre has millions of videos. For Youtubers to stand apart in this race for popularity, their content needs to be different and unique.

There comes a point in a Youtuber’s career when they struggle to find a topic for their next video and, even if they have one, they need to create and strategize content for it to engage the viewers. The most common Youtubers facing this issue are in the genre of Information/Facts, providing videos and scripted “vines,” which are mostly comic, or sharing a social message. And, many popular Youtubers are willing to outsource this job to freelance writers.


Generally, top Youtubers of a genre are the ones looking for writers, and can also afford to pay them. The genres can range from fashion and lifestyle to topics like conspiracy theories. You have to look for the genre that would suit your interests and expertise.

There are three major ways you can look out for these channels in a selected genre:

1. Youtubers are posting their writing needs on freelancing sites like Upwork. You can even post an ad on that site, advertising that you write for YouTube clients.

2. Look out for the genre categories on Youtube itself, find the channel of your choice in that genre, and establish contact with them over social media.

3. Look for channels that are not as popular, but that still have a large following. You can do this by searching a particular video (i.e. Top 10 countries with the most billionaires), and sort the results by the “upload date” using the filter feature on the Youtube search bar. Establish contact with those YouTubers by email, or through social media.


Once you have found the channels that might need your services, send them a proposal/query with references to your previous work, if any. Describe your idea for their next video, and offer details about how you can contribute to it, and drive traffic to it. If you’re offering an up-front quote, be flexible with your charges because, if your first project with them is amazing, you’ll like receive plenty of work from them in the future.

Keep in mind that offering to also promote the video will make you far more valuable than any other writer who is simply pitching writing services.

Find many more channels with videos like Top 10 Facts if you want to write for descriptive ones. If you think you are creative enough, and can write scripts for comic videos, consider vines (video hosting services featuring users’ short video clips) and stand up comedians. These channels are the most responsive for this type of proposal.

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