When To Fire Your Editor By Barbra Annino

Most seasoned freelancers know the rules on keeping an editor happy. Read the guidelines, never exceed the word count, Meet deadlines and go the extra mile. But what if you do all that and you still get treated like something that stuck to her shoe?

Then it’s time to fire your editor.

I say “fire” because, as freelancers, we have the luxury of choosing the people we work with. True, we can’t all be choosy about every assignment, but we can draw the line somewhere. That line is different for everyone. Some won’t work with an editor that demands constant re-writes, some drop an editor for paying too late or not at all (although that’s often the publisher’s fault). For me it was being called a liar.

On The Road To Splitsville

I keep strict records, check facts and turn assignments in early. So when I was questioned about a fact for a particular piece, I was surprised, not only because of the curtness of the editor’s note, but because she said to make sure all information in another piece I had submitted was correct. I was being wrongfully accused of sloppy work and I had completed three assignments for this woman without issue.

The article in question had been printed and was in her possession, so she could have checked herself, but I copied the paragraph from my original document and emailed it, reminding her “I never said that. What I said was