Use This “Joke” to Land Your Next Assignment! By Angela Hoy

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Are you stuck on what your next story should be about? Want to find something really juicy and controversial to submit to your editor? Well, close your office or bedroom door and surf on over to Fu* – (FC).

I spoke with Philip Kaplan, 26, founder of FC last week. And, while his story is inspirational and profitable, to say the least, you’ll also find that his site is a treasure chest of rumors on just about every company that is in financial trouble.

Philip started the site about 18 months ago as a joke and still runs it out of his apartment in New York City. Kaplan said, “I saw the ridiculous trend of dot coms getting funded with no chance of making any money.” It was obvious to Kaplan that these sites would crash and burn, hard and fast.

Kaplan’s “joke” now serves 75,000 newsletter readers, and 4 million unique website visitors every month. Thus, Kaplan has turned other firms’ stupidity into his tremendous profits.

Once you surf to FC, you’ll be surprised and often shocked at what you read. But, hey, jilted employees don’t hold anything back. Where else can you find the actual letter that Nortel Networks sent via Fedex to their ex-employees last month? McGraw Hill, of great interest to many authors, may lay off 1,000 employees by the end of the month. Do their authors know this yet? Click on the Happy Fun Slander link and prepare to spend many hours surfing through the reports and subsequent comments.

If you’re as nosy as I am (aren’t all journalists nosy?), you’ll have a wonderful afternoon of fun, making a list of queries you can send out today! But, how can this site really help journalists and freelance writers?

Well, first you need to know that what is free on the site is already considered “dated” as far as news goes, even if it’s only 24 hours old. If you want to get the scoop on all the rumors that Philip hasn’t even been able to read yet, just sign up for their premium service for only $75/month (okay, not too cheap, but just landing one assignment from the gossip will pay for your monthly subscription).

The site says: You’ll have unfiltered access to search EVERY TIP that is received by FC. No other site or news outlet can offer anything close to this. FC generally receives over 400 tips each day