To Pay or Not to Pay…Fellow Writers By A Struggling Freelance Writer

With keen interest I read a letter written to Angela Hoy from a fledgling newsletter editor unable to pay column writers. Angela nicely but firmly advised the editor to think twice about that no-pay policy. She warned the novice that the seasoned and veteran writers would flame viciously and ruin the editor’s reputation.

Not so. Writers write for free all the time and no one seems to care. Writers even write for other writers without the respect of a paycheck. What I’ve learned as a writer who likes to write articles about writing, is that writers are some of the worse paymasters in the world. And for some reason that depresses me.

But the irony continues to thrive. Writers complain about the insult of little or no pay for their talent, but when the shoe is on the other foot and they evolve into editors and ezine/website owners, the concept of paying a writer becomes foreign if not totally forgotten. As they sell their own wares, they take from their own. At the risk of sounding harsh, is this not a bit cannibalistic?

With a deep breath and heavy heart, I did some research into the pay rates of online writing magazines to see if my gut was right. When I mentioned to Angela what I found, she asked if I’d be willing to divulge the findings. The review of a few well-known writing sites revealed the following information, which lists title, website, word length, and current pay rate to its contributing writers. The list is ranked based on payment per word.

$50 for ~600 words (8.3 cents/word); $30 for success stories of ~300 words (10 cents/word)

$30 for 500-700 words (4-6 cents/word)

Writing World
$40-$75 for 800-1500 words (5 cents/word)

KT Publishing
$50 for ~1000 words (5 cents/word)

Write From Home
$25 for 500-1500 words (1.6 – 5 cents/word)

Every Writer
$20-40 for 500-2500 words (1.6 – 4 cents/word)

The New Writer