The Write Website: Give Yourself An Edge With Your Own Site By Kelly Kyrik

You’ve done your research, lined up your contacts and written a killer query. You know you’re the perfect person to write this particular article and you have faith that your targeted editor will know that, too; after all, you’ve got the clips to prove it.

But wait, before you hit that “Send” button, thus rocketing your pitch into cyberspace and onto your editor’s virtual desk, think for a minute about presentation. Are those precious clips easily accessible or are they spread all over the Internet; two on one site, one on another and three on a site that no longer exists?

Editors are far too busy to go scavenging the net looking for proof of a writer’s professionalism. The edge will go to the freelancer who can provide such evidence at the click of a mouse, and one of the best ways to do that is via your own website.

A professional-looking website has become, in this fast-paced, electronic world we inhabit, almost a necessity. Whereas ten years ago a writer could get away with being computer illiterate, now that kind of attitude is virtual writing suicide; editors are too technologically savvy to waste time with those who haven