Reselling the Sold: Ten steps to Repackaging An Article For Resale By Carolyn Burch

In sales, reselling is not usually an option unless a thing can be mass-produced, which is not a possibility in writing non-fiction articles and magazine pieces as a general rule. However, with a slight twist, most pieces that have been sold once, can be sold again, multiplying your ability to spread yourself around.

In freelance writing there are three main steps: query, sell or be rejected, and sell again.

Most freelancers however, whichever way it goes, tend to neglect that third step, and instead move on to other projects. But in conversations over the past three years I have talked to more than ten of the nation’s top freelancers and heard that the resold piece accounts for as much as half the monthly income of the most successful people in our field, as well as my own.

“I think that most freelancers forget that there is good money in reprints, almost no work to sending them out, and zero creativity investment since the real work has already been done. Also, I think they (reprints) are not as glamorous as new work, and really can’t be gloated over, and since we writers tend to be an egotistical bunch, they do not present the eminent reward in ego-growth that a new piece garners. The result is that many writers have pieces in drawers that appeared only once and instead of going out again for a trot around the block, sit there, unloved in that drawer.” one prominent freelance writer, columnist, and instructor at the Cornerstone Creative Writing workshop series, Carrie Kelley said.

“Many writers, especially new writers, don’t realize that they can sell reprints and/or rewriters. I’ve learned over 30 plus years of writing never to throw anything out