Publish An Ebook In 2004!

By Diane S. Craver
Author of How To Run A Profitable Preschool Without The Hassle

Have you recently helped someone with information about a topic you knew a lot about? Or maybe you ran a business out of your home and were successful at it even though you made some mistakes. Years ago I had my own small business and realized last winter that others could benefit from what I had learned.

When my older children were small, I became very interested in the Montessori method of teaching. I couldn’t afford to send them to a Montessori preschool, so I decided to start my own school for them and other children. Recently a parent of one of my former students said to my daughter, April, “Please tell your mother to start her school again. I need it for my granddaughter.”

Although I loved having a preschool, I didn’t want to do this again at this point in my life. However, her comment did make me realize that maybe there could be young mothers now in similar situations that I had been in years ago. I decided to write a short book, giving the necessary information for anyone to start their own preschool home business. My ebook, How To Run A Profitable Preschool Without The Hassle, has been a positive experience.

Here’s a list of reasons why I think you should make plans now to write a book and publish it as an ebook:

  • It’s fast. Once you write the book and it is in the proper format, ebooks are quickly ready to be downloaded whether by your own website or through a company, such as
  • It’s sensible to go this route first. You might have a limited audience and don’t want to spend money for a POD book until you see what kind of market you have for this topic. Once you make a nice profit, you can consider a traditional printed book. I knew my preschool topic for stay-at-home mothers had a limited audience, so the most sensible thing was to submit it as an ebook.
  • It’s economical. My only expense was a $30 fee for copyrighting ( does not charge to list ebooks). Whenever a manuscript of mine is accepted for publication, I do this for protection. I used a free ebook cover from since I felt a generic cover was fine for this particular book. However, I do have another book almost ready for submission and if it should be accepted for publication, I will spring for the cost of a nicer cover. The topic is special to me and I know a more attractive cover might stimulate more buyers.
  • Updating information is easy with an ebook. What can be easier than to update your ebook right on your computer? Your content can always be accurate with no extra expense in reprinting a paperback or hard cover book. For example, if your ebook contains tax information, you need to be able to change this on a yearly basis.
  • It’s profitable! I decided to save the best reason for last. My preschool ebook sells for $8.95. For every book sold on, I receive 70%, which is $6.27 per book. I like those kinds of royalties.

If you have decided to write an ebook, but are unsure what to write about, start making a list of your hobbies, interests, and careers. If you own a business, writing a book will put you ahead of your competition in the business world. Instead of handing out a brochure, you will have more respect as a published author on your topic of expertise.

Maybe you want to write about something but there are already several books available on that topic? Just put a different twist on your book that is more helpful and creative than similar books, or pick an aspect that hasn’t been covered by others.

People love to learn how to improve their lives. Nonfiction topics are perfect for ebook publication. If you are consumed with the idea of writing a book, decide now that one of your New Year’s resolutions will be to publish an ebook in 2004.

Diane S. Craver, a contributor to the Cincinnati Down Syndrome Newsletter and contributor of non-fiction magazine articles, resides in Ohio and enjoys her life with her husband and six children. The Romance Rag, an online magazine, will publish Diane’s short story, “Second Thoughts” in an upcoming issue. Diane is currently writing a mainstream novel.

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