The Most Reliable Way to Get AND Monetize Blog Traffic! by Bryan Grey

The Most Reliable Way to Get AND Monetize Blog Traffic! by Bryan Grey

Building a blog and making money from it does not have to leave you at the mercy of Google AdSense. As a matter of fact, making a decent amount of income from banner ads requires that you have a huge amount of traffic coming to your website. But, when your focus is shifted from monetizing your blog with banner ads to selling your products (even your book!) on your blog, you can make a far higher income, even with a smaller audience reading your blog.

This is what this article is going to show you – how to earn more from your blog, in less time, rather than grinding away all day, trying to attract a large number of visitors, only to hit them with low-earning banner ads.


You are going to need traffic to your blog posts. Some people prefer to write a blog post, hit the publish button, and relax, magically hoping for traffic. Some smarter ones write a blog post, hit the publish button, and share the blog post on all the social media platforms they know of. Now, that’s hard work.

Instead of working harder, we need to work smarter. Instead of promoting your blog posts manually to just your online friends and followers, which might take years to succeed, I recommend jump-starting the process using paid advertisements. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and others offer the option of using paid ads to reach a wider audience. Facebook allows you to target your ideal audience and I recommend using it.


Before you run off to create an ad on Facebook, wait a minute.Your blog should be strategically set up to capitalize all visitors that’ll troop in because of the ad. You should have a reservoir for traffic that comes in to every future blog post you’ll ever write. And, each blog post should be targeted at getting the most visitors into that reservoir. You do that by building an email list.

There are different mailing list systems out there to integrate into your blog, such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Drip, to name a few. If you’re just starting out, I recommend going with either Aweber or GetResponse. They are professional, cheap, and easy to use. When you’ve got a mailing list, you don’t want to get people to subscribe to your emails by putting it up on your blog post with a “Subscribe to my newsletter” inscription. Your conversion rate would be low. Instead, create a free resource of value, which is called a lead magnet. It could be a free ebook, a video, an action checklist, or other free item. Then, give it away in exchange for their subscription to your blog (their email address!).

There are different reputable tools for creating lead magnets, such as Leadpages and Thrive Leads. Lead magnets work with your email list. You create a free resource. In order to download it, blog visitors give you their email address and they are then automatically subscribed to your email list (for which they have given permission, of course, based on your posted terms for new subscribers). After they have opted in (confirmed their subscription), the free resource is then automatically sent to their emailbox.

If you do this, you have a powerful blog system in place to maximize all incoming traffic from your paid ads, and to get the largest return on investment. For every blog post published, there should be one or two lead magnets right in the blog post to convert visitors to email subscribers. Your email subscriber base is only going to grow with time.

Using your mailing list, you can send emails to your subscribers with a link to the latest blog post you published. You can get personal with your readers, interacting with them through comments on your blog, and answering their email questions, all the while building relationships, which is something your blog alone can’t do. Then, you sell your products and/or services. That’s where money is made anyway, aside from affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to worry about being the pushy salesman. You won’t be because you’ve built a relationship with your subscribers. People like doing business with people, not brands. And, you’re leading with value. So, buying your product or service feels like the natural step for them.

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Bryan Grey writes blog posts, articles and related contents that is optimized for SEO rankings. His content focuses on balancing informative with SEO needs, but never at the expense of an entertaining read. His educational background in computer science has given him a broad base from which to approach topics, such as content developing and content marketing.

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