3 Paying Australian Literary Magazines That Work with Non-Aussies! – by Julie Guirgis

3 Paying Australian Literary Magazines That Work with Non-Aussies! – by Julie Guirgis

Australia has a small but diverse selection of literary journals and magazines. All pay rates quoted below are in Australian Dollars.

The Big Issue

Pays $0.20/word; flat rate of $40 for film, book, small screen and music reviews. Also commissions artwork. 

The Big Issue magazine is a fortnightly independent magazine that’s sold on the streets by homeless, marginalized, and disadvantaged people.

24-Hour Short Story Contest

Since its inception began in Australia in 1996, over 11 million magazines have been sold, putting $28 million into the pockets of disadvantaged Australians.

It is timely and topical, and loved by readers for its distinctive brand of irreverence. The magazine includes various sections such as sellers’ personal stories, celebrity profiles, culture, commentary, and social justice journalistic pieces.

“The Big Issue is an independent magazine that publishes informative and entertaining articles on a large variety of subjects, including arts and entertainment, street culture, lifestyle and personal profiles. We are always looking for good-quality writers. The Big Issue is a not-for-profit organization, set up to help people who have experienced homelessness, marginalization and disadvantage.”

With a high homeless rate in New York and California, writing for The Big Issue could be a cathartic and inspiring experience for those who have been homeless, or lived on the fringes of society.



Pays $120 for articles in the online magazine, $500 for fiction and essays in print magazine, and $150 for poetry.

With over 60 years in publication, Overland is still the most radical of the long-standing literary and cultural magazines in the country. The magazine’s mandate to highlight new and marginal writers reflects their tagline, ‘progressive culture since 1954.’ Overland gives voice to stories and experiences not seen in mainstream media. Overland takes mainstream stories and dissects them to get to the real truth and the unheard voices.

Paying Markets for Writers

The quarterly publications feature fiction, poetry, reviews, comment, artwork, opinion pieces and non-fiction. Overland is what you need to be reading if you really want to know what is happening in Australian literature, culture, and politics.

Overland continues to give space to underrepresented voices.

For more information on what they are looking:




Pays a “small fee” to writers and negotiable rates for photos/art

Archer publishes articles and images about sexuality, gender and identity from a diverse range of writers/artists, from all levels of experience. Archer is aimed at all individuals interested in sexuality, gender and equality. Archer promotes inclusivity, regardless of gender identity, geographical location, ethnic identity, sexual orientation or level of education.”

They are looking for unique voices and first-person accounts, and are interested in personal experiences that are engaging and dynamic. They prefer language that is easy to understand across-the-board as they promote inclusion, and recognize an open and diplomatic approach.



Julie Guirgis is a freelance writer residing in Sydney, Australia. Her writing has appeared in several publications including Crixeo, Transition, Majellan, Madonna, Eureka St, The Nathaniel Report, Signs of the Times, Adventist Review, Significant Living, Caring Times, Vibrant Life, Alive Now, Now What?, Insight, Guide, The Aquarian, The Edge, Creation Illustrated, Kaleidoscope, Insights, Witty Bitches, Author’s Publish Magazine, Compass, Woman Alive, Spotlight on Recovery, Vita Bella, Unity, Coffee House for Writers, Kallisto Gaia Press, and WritersWeekly.

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