Six Paying Outdoors/Sports Markets for Writers! – by Mari Colham

Six Paying Outdoors/Sports Markets for Writers! – by Mari Colham

Many writers love the outdoors and sports. They delight in sharing their knowledge with others about fishing, canoeing, hunting, horse riding, skiing, and other experiences. Why not turn a hobby into income?

Some sports and outdoors magazines are particular about their submission guidelines. It is always best to read a few of their published articles to know what they like, write a unique piece that meets their requirements, and read their submission guidelines thoroughly before sending a query or unsolicited material.

Here is a list of six publications featuring outdoor themes:

1. Trapper & Predator Caller

Their editorial priority is to educate, inform, and entertain their audience with articles, illustrations, and photos that promote predator calling and trapping. This magazine especially considers stories that concentrate on techniques and equipment used in trapping and hunting.

They request feature stories of 1,500-2,500 words. They accept queries and full manuscripts upon submission. Payment depends on the quality of writing and photography as a package. Read their submission guidelines RIGHT HERE.

2. Cross-country Skier

This magazine’s audience is Nordic skiers who are active enthusiasts seeking information about ski trails, resorts, equipment, skills, competition, cross-country skiing, and feature reports.

Cross-country Skier works with an editorial calendar, and it is best to plan early with them. They consider web content queries at any time, and they prefer them upon submission. They do not specify word length, and payment negotiations are made by contacting the editor. Read their submission guidelines RIGHT HERE.

3. Sporting Classics

Founded in 1981, Sporting Classics commits to the romance, heritage, and art of hunting and fishing. The magazine appeals to active and discerning sportsmen who love to read.

Word length is negotiated but pay ranges from $300-$700 for each accepted piece. Pitch an idea to the editor RIGHT HERE. Be sure to click on the Editorial tab.

4. Canoe & Kayak

Canoe & Kayak has stories for paddlers that contain definitive guides to destinations, gear, technique, and pieces of inspiration. They request stories on news, events, equipment, expedition reports, and captivating photos or videos.

Word lengths range from 600-1,500. They prefer a query upon submission. They reportedly pay $100-$800 per article. Read their submission guidelines RIGHT HERE.

5. Wooden Boat

This bi-monthly magazine is for wooden boat owners, builders, and designers. Their articles are devoted to the design, care, building, preservation, and use of wooden boats, and sail power. Word counts range from 1,000-4,000.

They prefer to be queried upon submission, and also request captivating images. Pay ranges from $250-$300 per 1,000 words. Depending on the quality of the photo and illustration, payments vary from $15-$400. Read their submission guidelines RIGHT HERE.

6. The Chronicle of the Horse

Established in 1937, The Chronicle of the Horse is a national weekly magazine with nearly 16,000 subscribers. Their features include dressage, hunters and jumpers, eventing, foxhunting, and steeplechase racing.

Word counts for news stories are usually 1,500, and payment is $165-$220. Word counts for feature articles are typically 1,500-2,500, and they pay $150-$400. Payment for photos is $30-$50. Read their submission guidelines RIGHT HERE.

Find more outdoors and nature-related paying markets for writers RIGHT HERE.

IF YOU KNOW OF OTHER OUTDOORS MARKETS FOR WRITERS, please share them in the comments box below!


Mari Colham is an online published freelance reporter and domestic abuse advocate from north Louisiana who has more than two years of experience in journalism. She graduated with honors and an Associate’s degree in Business Office Administration. When she is not writing, she is cuddling and watching movies with her spoiled cat and Shih Tzu, devouring Christian crime novels, or fishing.



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