Dodging Writer’s Brick: How to Keep From Knocking Yourself Out By Janene Mascarella

Ah, good old writer’s block. Those moments of utter frustration, when you are stumped for ideas. Can’t write a ******* thing. If you tell a fellow writer that you are suffering from a case of writer’s block, chances are you will get your hand held. Sympathy follows. Then, tips galore on how to overcome your dreaded block. I rarely suffer from writer’s block. I suffer from something far more insidious. Something I call it “writer’s brick”.

The sky is falling!

Writer’s brick is when you get slapped upside the head with so many potential markets and article ideas that you become completely dumbfounded and down for the count. You are quietly researching a topic or drafting an article, when WHAMMO; out of nowhere you are suddenly slammed with incredible ideas, one after the other, until everything goes fuzzy.

Grandma, is that you?

I convinced myself that I could write for the teen market. Seemed focused enough. I determined that writing a quiz (which is a great way to break in) would be my best route. I started a quiz, and then had a great idea for another. While working on the second one, I wrote a title for a third. OUCH. What the heck was that? The third sparked an idea for a query for a teen self-help piece and then I got back to the first quiz. Then I got a great idea for a parenting article, scribbled down some notes and got back to quiz number two because I thought of something funny. Before I knew it, I was stupefied. Totally unproductive.

It’s like ten people trying to get through the door at the same time. No one gets in. Killer queries languish in notebooks. It happens to me all the time. I’m always on the cusps of greatness. Please don’t tar and feather. I said cusps.

No sympathy for the brick-stricken.

Sorry, no one is going to help you should your head meet the brick. Oh, what’s that