Breaking Into Job Hunting And Career Magazines By John K. Borchardt

In today’s uncertain employment environment, magazine articles on job hunting and careers are more popular than ever. Slanted appropriately, these are published in trade magazines such as Women in Business, Minority MBA and Nursing Spectrum, all aimed at working professionals. Other magazines, such as Equal Opportunity and Black Collegian, target graduating college students. Broader interest magazines such as Self and Woman’s World occasionally publish articles covering career concerns.

These magazines offer publication opportunities to both experienced writers and talented novices. Writing articles for job hunting/career magazines can be an excellent way for part-time freelancers to break into print because they can capitalize on their workplace experience to tailor articles to readers in their field.

Some publishers such as Equal Opportunity Publications and Career Recruitment Media publish more than one job hunting/career magazine, often using a common editorial staff. For example, Equal Opportunity Publications publishes seven magazines covering job hunting and career subjects while Career Recruitment Media publishes five magazines in this category and Career Communications Group three. A published article in one of their publications can open the door to sales to their other magazines.

Manuscript requirements for this market are changing. Basic primers on writing r