Boost Your Income by Writing Crowdfunding Campaigns! by Ian Chandler

Boost Your Income by Writing Crowdfunding Campaigns! by Ian Chandler

When you think of writing gigs, crowdfunding campaigns probably don’t come to mind. However, the crowdfunding scene is a market largely untapped by writers. If you can break into it, you can make a nice profit, and help others at the same time.

Crowdfunding campaigns rely on two vital elements: the campaign itself and the accompanying video. The campaign has to pull in readers and connect with them. A well-written campaign can mean the difference between raising 200% of the funding goal, and raising 30%.

Many entrepreneurs who take the crowdfunding route are happy to pay for quality writing because it gives them higher odds of success. Crowdfunding success rates range from 30% to 45% on average, so many campaign creators realize they have to do everything they can to stack the deck in their favor.

How to Find Campaign Writing Jobs

There are three main ways to find work writing crowdfunding campaigns. The first is to contact companies and entrepreneurs who don’t have a crowdfunding campaign created or even planned. Sites like KickoffLabs and the aptly named New Startups showcase tons of companies in their early phases.

You can also reach out to companies via social media sites. Many businesses post job openings on sites like Problogger or Reddit. If they’re not advertising any openings, that’s okay. It’s fairly easy to get attention from higher-ups in a new company, so a quick Tweet or e-mail will help get your foot in the door.

A third way is to advertise campaign writing services. It’s a niche field, so it will draw attention. Again, Reddit comes in handy here, as do other job boards. I ended up developing a campaign for a client I found on Reddit, and I consistently see posts that call for campaign writers, so it’s not a rarity by any means.

It’s also a good idea to watch particular niche sites for up-and-coming companies that might need campaigns written. Finally, you can contact creators of failed campaigns and see if they’re planning to try again. If so, you can leverage your skills to your advantage and give the creator massive value. These last two methods are a good way of complementing the ideas described above.

Avoid This One Tricky Tactic!

There’s one tricky tactic you need to watch out for. I’ve seen too many posts that promise “you’ll get $X if we don’t get funded, $XXX if we do.” Many brand-new startups think this is an effective tactic. They budget your earnings into the funding goal, effectively using other people’s money to pay you.

This payment scheme undervalues writers, and it’s the sign of a company that doesn’t take itself seriously. Many posts only promise $20 or so if the campaign doesn’t get funded. If a startup wants great writing, they’ll pay for it with their own capital. If they don’t, it’s their loss.

3 Essential Elements to a Successful Campaign

If you’ve landed the gig, here are 3 elements that make a good crowdfunding campaign:

Detail. Some campaigns don’t delve deeply enough into the product or service at hand. Give the reader a rich description of the product and its benefits.

Reader connection. Most people will need to be convinced that they want this product. Tell your reader how it will improve their life and why they should invest in it.

A lucid, compelling story. You can’t simply write a bullet point list of benefits. You need to create a story wherein the reader’s life becomes better. They go from a place of need to a place of fulfillment. Use the traditional elements of storytelling to work wonders here.

Ian Chandler is a professional writer based in Kent, Ohio, currently studying English at Kent State University. He is Editor at Nukeblogger, a contributor for Freedom With Writing, and a writer for Haircut Inspiration. His work has appeared on wonderful sites like The Penny Hoarder, HowlRound, TechGyo, and more. You can read more about him here.