6 Writer’s Markets That Pay $1 Per Word Or More by Karoki Githure

6 Writer’s Markets That Pay $1 Per Word Or More by Karoki Githure

Every good writer has the potential to make top dollar from his or her writing skills. Most of the high paying markets rarely advertise that they are looking for fresh articles but they are always ready for a great pitch. All you need to do is identify high paying publications, websites, and magazines. After that, come up with a good article idea that complies with their guidelines, and then pitch to their editor following their writer’s guidelines, if those are available. Below are some writer’s markets that pay $1 per word or more.

Scout Life magazine

Scout Life (previously called Boys’ Life) is a general-interest monthly magazine published by the Boy Scouts of America. The magazine is looking for articles that interest and entertain boys ages 6 to 17. The editors demand well-reported articles that demonstrate high standards of journalism and they follow The Associated Press Stylebook. Major articles run 500 to 1,500 words. The subject matter is broad, and covers everything from professional sports, to American history, to how to pack a canoe. Departments run up to 600 words and headings are science, nature, earth, health, sports, space and aviation, cars, computers, entertainment, pets, history, music — and others. Fiction: These short stories are assignment-only. Please do not query or send manuscripts. Nonfiction: Pays $500 to $1,500. Articles run 500 to 1,500 words. Departments: Up to 600 words, and payment is $100 to $600.

Guidelines: https://media.boyslife.org/boyslife/about/contributors/writers.pdf


LiisBeth is a magazine that focuses on advancing the work of feminists striving to create a just world through the power of enterprise and innovation. Their target audience is people who support feminist values. They are interested in intellectual service articles, profiles, policy critiques, op-eds, interviews, and personal stories that focus on the interests of feminist entrepreneurs. They prioritize queries from writers who are subscribers of their free newsletter. Pays $750-$2000.

Guidelines: https://www.liisbeth.com/contributors/guidelines/


FamilyFun is a magazine published eight times a year, which offers parents the knowledge and motivation they need to create memorable family moments. The magazine targets families with children ages 3 to 12. They publish articles on family cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts, and learning—all the essentials that enrich the precious time families share. They accept queries from professional freelancers who are experts in the art of playful, creative parenting. Content must be fun, family-tested, affordable, and uncomplicated. The writing style is direct, upbeat, and personal. Articles are scheduled and assigned at least five months before publication. They accept unsolicited manuscripts only for “Idea of the Month” and the “Explore” travel section – which happen to be their two best paying departments. Features are 850 to 3,000 words, and pay $1.25 per word upon acceptance. “Idea of the Month” – Length is 600 words, and compensation is $750 upon acceptance. “The Explore” – Length is 600 to 900 words, and pays $1.25 per word upon acceptance.

See their guidelines here: https://images.meredith.com/parents/pdf/WritersGuidelines2013.pdf

Central Coast Farm & Ranch

Central Coast Farm & Ranch, a quarterly magazine circulated in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, is distributed to members of the Santa Barbara and Ventura County Farm Bureaus. Their primary audience is members of the Central Coast agricultural community. They are interested in topics specific to Central Coast agriculture, and have departments dedicated to local history, edible gardening, agri-tourism destinations, and industry news briefs. Payment is made upon publication. Pay ranges from 50 cents to $1/word for features.

Their guidelines are here: http://www.farmbureauvc.com/new/assets/pdf-forms/CCF&R-contributor-guide.pdf

Sierra Magazine

Sierra Magazine is a national print and digital magazine of the environmental group, Sierra Club, which is dedicated to protecting the natural world. Their target audience is members of the Sierra Club, as well as people interested in national and international environmental issues. They are interested in pitches that reflect an understanding of the Sierra Club’s motto— “Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.” The articles should showcase environmental solutions, latest (and best) trends, products, and tips in environmentally sustainable food, fashion, housing, outdoor recreation, transportation, and other areas of everyday lives. Features start at $1/word and go to $1.50/ word for 2,000 words to (rarely) 4,000 words. Articles run 250 to 1,000 words in length; payment is $250 to $1,000.

Guidelines: https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/editorial-guidelines

High Country News

“High Country News is the nation’s leading source of reporting on the American West. We publish an award-winning magazine, a popular website and a weekly op-ed column service, along with special reports and books. Through in-depth reporting, High Country News covers the American West’s public lands, water, natural resources, grazing, wilderness, wildlife, logging, politics, communities, growth and other issues now changing the face of the West. From Alaska and the Northern Rockies to the desert Southwest, from the Great Plains to the West Coast, High Country News covers 12 Western states and is the leading source for regional environmental news, analysis and commentary — an essential resource for those who care about this region.” Pays $1/word for 800-1,400 words.

Guidelines: https://www.hcn.org/about/submissions


Karoki Githure is a full-time freelance writer who is passionate writing about how to make a killing as a writer. When he is not writing, he is a diehard lover of music, novels, and adventures.

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