8 Markets That Pay Writers To Write About Writing By Karoki Githure

8 Markets That Pay Writers To Write About Writing By Karoki Githure

As a writer, you’ve probably discovered a few tricks or invaluable information that can help writers enhance their writing careers. The following websites are more than interested in hearing what you can share with new as well as established writers. And, they’re willing to pay for your unique ideas that will benefit their readers.

  1. Barefoot Writer Magazine

Barefoot Writer is a writing magazine and website that publishes articles that help new and established freelance writers advance their careers. They accept submissions about the world of writing, such as writing tips, becoming a better writer, productivity secrets, and monthly motivators. Their payment rates range from $100 – $300, depending on the assignment, and the word range is between 400-900 words.

Submissions guidelineshttps://www.thebarefootwriter.com/submission-guidelines

  1. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing blog was founded by Carol Tice, an award-winning freelance writer. The blog aims at helping writers improve their writing skills and make money writing. They are interested in guest posts about self-publishing success stories, writing tips, and techniques for becoming a successful freelance writer, among others. The preferred word count ranges from 800- 1200 words and pays between $75 and $150 per guest post.

Submissions guidelineshttps://makealivingwriting.com/guest-post-guidelines/

  1. SFWA Blog 

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer Association (SFWA) is a publication that supports science fiction and fantasy writers. The publication offers writers, editors, and artists a platform to get relevant information. Writers can submit pitches related to writing and publishing in the science fiction and fantasy niche. The idea can be an essay, listicle, reported piece, Q&A, or how-to article. They prefer articles whose length is 500-800 words, and the payment is $0.10 per word.

Submissions guidelines: https://www.sfwa.org/sfwa-publications/sfwa-blog-guidelines/

  1. Writer’s Digest 

Writer’s Digest is a print and digital magazine that helps writers improve their skills by providing resources concerning today’s publishing environment. The magazine targets fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and screenwriting. They accept submissions on publishing trends, writing techniques, WD 101, and 5-minute writing memoirs. Print manuscripts are paid between 30- 50 cents per word for one-time rights. The publication pays 25% of the original purchase price on any reprints. They also pay $50 – $100 for online articles and guest posts. The word count ranges from 300-600 words for short publications and up to 1600 words for long-form pieces.

Submissions guidelines: https://www.writersdigest.com/resources/submission-guidelines

  1. WOW! Women On Writing 

WoW! Women On Writing is a global magazine that supports women in their respective writing careers. They focus on online article writing, fiction, nonfiction, and creative writing. Submissions can be about personal writing experiences, tips for writing books, articles, and reviews, how to start writing, or valuable resources that can help writers. The required word length can range from 1,000 – 3,000 words. The pay typically ranges from $50 – $75. However, in-depth pieces with a higher word count and requiring more research are paid from $100 to $150.

Submissions guidelines: https://www.wow-womenonwriting.com/contact.php

  1. Freelance Mom 

FreelanceMom.com is a website community and a resource providing information on how to start, run, and build a business. Its main target is to help moms and women across the globe become successful freelancers, mompreneurs, and womenpreneurs. Therefore, they’re also interested in articles geared toward helping them succeed in freelance writing/blogging as a career or for their businesses. These can be personal experiences, research, or educational articles. Submissions can include practical advice, tips, plans, and personal stories and testimonies instrumental in writing. Article length is between 900-1,500 words. The publication pays writers between $75 and $100.

Submissions guidelines: https://www.freelancemom.com/guest-post-guidelines/

  1. IncomeDiary

IncomeDiary is an online publication focusing on creating websites, SEO, traffic, entrepreneurship, and earning money online. The publication’s target audience is entrepreneurs, SEO, and digital content creators. Even though IncomeDiary doesn’t primarily deal with writing/blogging, their “Web Traffic”, “Business Tips”, and “Making Money Online” sections are the points of interest for writers. They’re interested in topics on creating great content, SEO, affiliate marketing, as well as writing and selling books. The payment ranges from $150-$200 for well-written, in-depth articles.

Submissions guidelines: https://www.incomediary.com/write-for-incomediary/

  1. WritersWeekly 

WritersWeekly is one of the longest serving and most reputable freelance writing websites, and has been supporting freelance writers and since 1997. The publication provides its readers with information to earn more from writing, whether it’s self-publishing, freelance, or corporate writing. Their audience includes writers, authors, and other content creators. They accept queries on topics about ways to earn more as a writer, paying markets for writers, success stories, and marketing secrets for authors and writers. The length of the articles should be 600 words or more, and they pay a flat fee of $60 per article.

Submissions guidelines: https://writersweekly.com/writersweekly-com-writers-guidelines

Karoki is a full-time freelance writer and loves sharing with other writers on ways to earn through writing.

We are always seeking new and informative articles at WritersWeekly. We pay $60 for around 600 words. If you would like to submit an article, please see our guidelines first  RIGHT HERE.

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