Watching A Dream Blossom Into Reality By Sharon Elaine

It all started with a few prize wins – and a dream. I’d been enjoying the hobby of entering sweepstakes for over 15 years, while working as a computer instructor at our local technical college. Over the years my sweepstakes hobby grew and I began to accumulate a long list of sweepstakes wins (lists and pictures of my wins are on my web site at

Every time someone would hear of my wins, they’d ask me how they could do it, too. My latest book, Ready, Click, Win!, came about from the desire to help others learn the secrets I had learned for how to win fun prizes from online sweepstakes.

Not only has this dream blossomed into a successful book but I’ve also recently been asked to teach a college class on how to enter online sweepstakes. The best part is that I get to use my book, Ready, Click, Win! as the curriculum book that all the students buy and bring with them to class. I have many students already excited about the class, and telling all of their friends. I plan to teach seminars on this topic at hotel conference centers as well.

My book started as a dream to help others enter and win sweepstakes and it has turned into an ever-expanding success story which shows no signs of stopping.

I thank for helping me to create this book. It allows me to fulfill my dream of providing this information in an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide so others can join me in the fun and excitement of this great hobby.

I wish many wins and successes for you all.

Sharon Elaine is the author of several self-help books published in America, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Her popular book, The Book of Affirmations ( ), has over 5,000 categorized affirmations that readers use to manifest their ideal life. She continues to enter sweepstakes daily and enjoys a constant stream of wins. To check out her wins, visit her at: