Swallow the Fear By Terri Pray

Taking the plunge into writing full time has been one of the hardest and yet easiest decisions of my life. In the last year I have gone from stumbling along to writing every day and submitting work at least three times a month.

Three submissions a month doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? You can’t live on just three submissions a month. They might not be accepted, how can you pay the bills on that?

Well, I write fiction. That is where my passion lies and it crosses into several genres. I’ve turned a bad day into writing a short story about a serial killer, a quiet moment with my husband into the basis of a short romance story, and I’ve sat and watched the history channel only to find the ideas running up and pouncing me in the middle of the program.

Now I have the chance to write for a Role playing game, and that is one based on the very book I published with Booklocker.com. Seems there is a call for talking dragons that hand out advice and warnings with a dose of humor. Or perhaps it’s just the idea of a dragon threatening to eat the hero when he annoys her?

Since I accepted that, I needed to stick to fiction, except on rare occasions. I’ve had 12 e-books or novellas accepted, one self published book, one book now in editing with Magic Carpet Books that will be out in print in November, and was recently offered the chance to write another for them which will be in the top of the game with Final Sword Productions. Want to hear the crazy part?

This has all happened since April 2004.

Once you find your niche, go with it. Jump on the ideas, no matter where they come from. Write when you need to, want to, or wish to. Don’t then take a break if you have another idea knocking on your door. Grab that one and work with it.

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