No Idea Left Behind Keeps This Writer Happy and Prospering By Christina Katz

I have a confession. I have always been a slow writer. Writing glacially has always been a tough challenge for me to overcome in a competitive marketplace like freelancing.

But maybe because I am such a slow writer, I like to get more out of each piece I write, rather than always scampering off to the next project, and leaving what I’ve already written in the dust. So, over the years, I have learned to translate a professional weakness – my characteristic pokiness – into an asset by stubbornly never leaving any idea behind.

I actually experience exhilaration when I write about topics over and over. If I have written a lot on a topic, say an entire book, I get antsy if I don’t go back and write something fresh on that topic regularly. Once I learn new things my mind automatically wants to integrate those slants into what I’ve already written.

And, since I am considered an expert in my field, it’s crucial for me to stay up-to-date on all of my topics. I am always working my niche topics to serve the folks who want to see my ideas evolve. So I write books, columns, articles, presentations, audio scripts, workshop notes, workbooks, and class curricula just to stay in the game.

So, hey, if you are a pokey writer like me, use paid writing as a motivator to stay up-to-date in your niche. It does not matter if you serve readers directly or via publications. If you focus on serving your audience for the long haul, and don’t compare yourself to faster writers in the short run, you will find the systems and rhythms that work best for your productivity. And, best of all, your writing will serially sell.

Christina Katz teaches writers to prosper by building solid, salable, life-long career skills that work even in a rapidly evolving publishing marketplace. She works with writers via classes, training groups, and writing challenges, using the most effective and reliable technologies available. She is the author of books and workbooks that help writers take their skills to the next level and grow their writing careers. Learn more at