I Found New Paying Writing Opportunities…in Nature!! – Julie Guirgis

I Found New Paying Writing Opportunities…in Nature!! – Julie Guirgis

I have always been someone who was sensitively attuned to nature. Some of my fondest memories of a child were eagerly going to Gunnamatta Bay to collect shells that would emerge on the seashore. It was as though I had found hidden treasure in these intricate jewels. I experienced an overwhelming sense of joy being among the heavenly sites of the universe.

Something would resonate with me every time I would see the Blue Morpho butterfly. I was especially captivated by the metallic turquoise color, how it glittered in the light. Intrigued by this beautiful creature I researched the topic more thoroughly and came up with interesting facts that made me appreciate this butterfly even more.

Then I had a light bulb moment and realized my love of nature could inspire me to write articles for magazines. So I queried Creation Illustrated magazine on writing a feature on the Blue Morpho butterfly and they said it sounded interesting and to send it through. I was so excited and worked on it straight away.

Talking walks through the bush is a daily ritual I do not just for exercise but also as a tool to reconnect with my soul. Many of us have also had our most spiritual experiences in the physical world. Nature speaks to us in bold terms about creativity, power, intensity and love. Its beauty provokes us to transcend our mundane concerns, insecurities and fears.

This revelation inspired yet another article. So while I was waiting for a response from Creation Illustrated I queried another publication. The Aquarian is a holistic publication with articles focused on mind, body and spirit. I pitched an article to them titled Finding the Divine in Nature which they loved and posted online only a few weeks later. It took some time to hear back from Creation Illustrated but when I did I was ecstatic when they accepted the article for their summer issue.

This topic was opening new pathways for my writing so to keep up with the momentum I wrote an article for The Compass magazine titled Caring for Our Earthly Home which they recently published.

Once you find a topic that you’re passionate about the writing material and opportunities are endless. By taking a broad topic and breaking it down into specific areas you can increase your success of writing to various publications.


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Julie Guirgis is a freelance writer living in Sydney, Australia. Her writing has been published in several publications including Transition, Majellan, Woman Alive, Madonna, Eureka St, The Nathaniel Report, Signs of the Times, Adventist Review, Significant Living, Caring Times, Vibrant Life, Alive Now, Now What?, Insight, Guide, The Aquarian, The Edge, Creation Illustrated, Kaleidoscope, Insights, The Compass, Writer’s Weekly, Coffee House for Writers, Author’s Publish Magazine, and have upcoming work in, Spotlight on Recovery, The Narcissist’s Playbook Anthology and Unity.


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