Interviewing Helped Me Break Into The Nationals By Christina Katz

Author Kelly James-Enger coined a phrase in which I recognize myself: “an extrovert in an introvert’s job.” Sure, I love the concentrated effort of writing, but I equally enjoy social situations. I especially like asking a lot of questions without people thinking I’m nosey or rude. In fact, interviewing is how I first got my name in a national magazine.

I had been writing for regional and online publications for several months when I started feeling the itch to go national. When an agent sent me a rejection for a collection of interviews I had submitted in the form of a book, I decided to turn her feedback–that they seemed better suited for magazines–into action.

The next time I did an interview, I asked, “Who else would enjoy it?” I’d interviewed Rev. Mary Murray Shelton, a former Religious Science minister who’d written her first book about persevering through difficult times. I didn’t have to scour market guides or even cruise the newsstand to come up with possible markets. I remembered that I’d seen Science of Mind magazine on the periodical shelves at the local bookstore.

A quick Internet search took me to SOM’s website and writer’s guidelines. I included the interview in an e-mail to the editor. Twenty-four hours later he wrote back that he’d like to see the longer version I’d mentioned. A few days later, I got the message he wanted the interview for their April issue.

It’s been five years since then and I still find one of the best ways to get a foot in the door with a publication is to imagine the kind of person the editor would like to see interviewed in the pages of their publication and go get that interview. It’s one way an extroverted-introvert can enjoy making money writing.

Christina Katz is publisher and editor of Writers On The Rise. She teaches “Writing and Publishing Nonfiction Articles” and co-published and edited “Rhapsody in Writing,” an eclectic collection of her former students’ writing. She has written over 100 articles for national, regional and online publications and appeared on “Good Morning America” for her article “The Art of Making Time For Yourself.” For more information, visit or