Humor Sells – Jeanette Levellie

I woke up one day and said, “I want to write humor.” When I sat down at the keyboard, the one-liners and witticisms flew from my fingers like lightning flashes. Now I make tons of money with my laugh-a-second writing.

And if you believe that, I have a boat I’d like to sell you.

I never planned to become a humor writer. The bi-weekly column I author for our local newspaper began as an inspirational/human interest feature. But I soon discovered that writing about the messes I get myself into endeared me to people. Although they may shake their head and wonder how I manage some of my ditzy doings, it makes them feel better knowing they aren’t alone. The exposure of my wackiness has become a public service of encouragement to my readers, which says, if God can rescue me from myself, there’s hope for you.

While packing to attend a writer’s conference several years ago, I tossed one of my funnier columns into my briefcase at the last minute. During the opening session when all the presenters introduced themselves, one editor said, “I need humor articles for my magazine.” I got an appointment with him, showed him my comical piece, and have been selling humor articles to him for the last four years. Many of those articles are now chapters in my books.

I write about everything from food that calls your name at night to what I’ve learned from my cats (life is all about naps). I mostly tell on myself, but I get in an occasional story about my husband’s 1001 ways to annoy me, or a nameless relative who complicates the smallest task. Humor is everywhere. And everyone needs to laugh.

So, if you’re willing to shine a light on your foibles and get silly over everyday issues, you can make money with humor writing…in-between the catnaps, of course.

A former History/government teacher, Jeanette Levellie has published hundreds of newspaper columns, stories in Guideposts, Falling in Love with You, & Love is a Verb anthologies, articles in Vista, God’s World Today, Christian Communicator, Country, & Country Extra magazines; devotionals in The Upper Room, Daily Hope, Light from the Word, & Glimpses of God, greeting card verses for Leanin’ Tree, and poems for La Leche League International calendars. This year Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas published her debut humor /inspirational book, Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top. Her work in progress, The Heart of Humor, is a compilation of 30 funny stories woven with articles on how humor keeps us healthy.

Jeanette is also a prolific speaker, trained singer, free-lance editor, and ghostwriter. To contact her, go to

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