Freelancing The Baby Boomer Market By Steven King

Freelancing The Baby Boomer Market By Steven King

It may seem ironic but one of the reasons I left my self-imposed retirement from freelance writing is due to the number of people who are entering into retirement age.

The “baby boomer” demographic is more likely to still read print publications while their access to pension funds and equity makes them ideal consumers. With disposable income and plenty of free reading time, they dominate certain magazine niches and this is why I am freelancing again ñ the money making potential is too good an opportunity to overlook.

For years, I let writing fall by the wayside as I got caught up with my day job and it was only recently I realized how much I missed the enjoyment of creating the written word.

In the early phase of my writing career I focused on news, food and property because that was what I was briefed to write about but, this time around, I started researching the market to find areas that would best match my personal experience.

I quickly noticed the variety of publications targeted towards the aging baby boomer generation who seem to enjoy planning holidays using travel magazines, reading up on financial investments or redecorating their houses based on advice from interior design and DIY publications.

I don’t know much about house decorating but I have traveled and worked internationally for a decade and it struck me how I had met so many expat retirees who relocated to other countries after realizing their social security would pay for a much better lifestyle overseas.

This planted a seed in my mind and, by using real life information from my personal and business network, I began developing article ideas for very specific expat, retirement and travel niches.

A few days after sending tailored pitches to a number of specialty publications I found myself simultaneously dealing with four different editors who had commissioned five articles almost immediately.

It didn’t matter that I hadn’t freelanced for eight years because the content I created was useful, informative and provided insights that only someone with on-the-ground knowledge could write.

Several of the articles were published with quick payment received as well as requests for me to propose new ideas as soon as possible. This is one of the best compliments an editor can give as it means they like what you wrote and want to pay you to write more of it.

While the extra money is great, it was the satisfaction of seeing my name in print again that is the real success.


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Steven King has worked for 12 years in the media industry having been employed as a newspaper editor, dining out columnist, community news reporter, freelance property writer and PR copywriter. He has spent the last 10 years living, working and writing across Southeast Asia.