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100% freelance. “GigaNotoSaurus publishes one science fiction or fantasy (or a combination of both) story a month.” Welcomes new writers. Monthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms within 3-6 months after acceptance. Buys first serial rights and non-exclusive, indefinite archival rights, but authors may request to be removed from the archive at any time. No reprints. Responds within 30-90 days. Subscriptions are free. Guidelines online.

Pays flat fee of $100/article.

Current Needs:

“We are looking for more science fiction stories as we have an influx of fantasy. However, we could wax eloquent describing the kinds of stories we like, but it wouldn’t be useful; there are dozens of things we don’t know we like until we try them.? Send us that story you really believe in–the one, maybe, that quickly ran out of places to submit it to because it’s so long. Don’t query to gauge our interest in a particular subgenre. Just submit the story. We actively seek to include stories told from and by a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders. We are particularly interested in #ownvoices stories.” Pays flat fee of $100/article. Articles range from 5,000-25,000 words. Submit online at

Pays flat fee of $100/article



“Please read the submission guidelines carefully. Many of our rejections come from submissions that do not follow the guidelines.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes