Crystal Lake Publishing: Never Wake

Crystal Lake Publishing: Never Wake

Crystal Lake Publishing: Never Wake
31 Deale Road, Bayswater, Bloemfontein
Freestate, South Africa 9301


Editor: Kenneth W. Cain, Editor; Tim Meyer, Editor; Karen Runge, Submissions Editor
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About The Publication:

“Where do we go when we dream? Since the beginning of time, people have argued the meaning of dreams. Are they symbolic visions that hold great meaning and personal significance? Are they portals into other worlds? Or are they just a series of random events our mind shows us when we fall asleep? Whatever the case, this much is true – the mind can be a scary place to venture, even for a few hours.

NEVER WAKE is an anthology of dream horror, bringing you several mind-bending tales of nightmares, hallucinations, and phantasmagoria from some of the hottest talent in horror fiction. But don’t worry – when you (wake up screaming) flip the last page, just remember to tell yourself, ‘It was only just a story…’ Unless it wasn’t.” Welcomes new writers. Publishes ms within 15 months of acceptance. Buys First World Rights in English, and negotiates for rights to audio, translation, film and the hardcover. Accepts reprints if ms belongs to a series. Responds in 1-3 months. Guidelines online.

Pays $0.08/word

Current Needs:

“We will open for anthology submissions from time to time next year, including our very first comic book anthology (graphic novel).” Pays $0.08/word. Submit ms via email, once call for submissions is open. Next call for submissions will be in early 2023.

Pays $0.08/word



“Writers need to be open to feedback. We try to help where we can, and we’re even going to do our second Author’s Journey program in 2023, which is a three-month online workshop with myself and several editors.”

Welcomes New Writers: