I “Fired” an Adult Bully and Big Brother is Watching Me?!

I “Fired” an Adult Bully and Big Brother is Watching Me?!

I really don’t understand people sometimes. What compels them to react to things the way they do. What drives them to send a completely stupid email or text message without thinking of the consequences first. What organism settled in their brain, sucking out all their manners and common sense in one fell swoop…

From the mother in law who says you look fat in those jeans (like you didn’t already know that, right?), to the “perfect” mom down the street who points out your crooked cake at the bake sale, to people who rudely criticize your loved ones, there seems no end that some folks will go to in order to make you feel bad (and make themselves feel superior). Imagine a complete stranger walking up to you, and saying, “You should really change your hairdo,” or “That outfit looks terrible on you!” or “Your face is really ugly.”

A man who has written for us in the past sent an email last week boldly criticizing one of my children. He knows nothing about my child. He apparently doesn’t like the way my child looks. I really don’t care what he thinks. I do question his sanity for even feeling compelled to write to me about it. Finally, I further question his sanity for biting the hand that has fed him in the past. He will no longer earn money writing for us. What in the world did he think would happen?

Awhile back, a different man who wanted us to publish his book sent in an email criticizing the appearance of another family member in a Facebook photo. I admit, it wan’t the greatest picture but that person was having a great time! My hair looks like crap when I roll out of bed in the morning AND when I’ve sat in the cockpit in high winds. I look positively mortifying when I’m sweating buckets in the Florida summer heat with my face beet red and my hair matted to my head. If someone isn’t going to like me because of my looks, then they aren’t someone I want to associate with anyway – and certainly not someone I’m going to do business with.

Shallow people lead shallow lives, and have shallow relationships. While I understand their low self-esteem compels them to openly criticize those around them, it positively baffles me that someone would do that to the hand that feeds them.

In other news, Richard was traveling this week so I took the boys to their homeschooling group at the local community center. Richard usually handles the homeschooling group activities because 1. he’s semi-retired and 2. other people’s kids usually drive me nuts (but I never TELL them that!).

Max, Mason, and I were running early so we stopped for breakfast at Waffle House on the way. I was literally stunned stupid when the waiter took our order, and then said, “Let me know if you need anything else, Mrs. Hoy.”


I hadn’t told him my name, nor mentioned it out loud at all. I hadn’t given him my credit card yet, or even pulled it out of my purse. I sat there with my jaw on the table while my inquisitive brain went into overdrive. He must work for big brother. Yeah, that’s it! He’s been watching me! Following me!! Bugging my phone!!! I probably already had a chip implanted in me when I was sleeping at some point! I mean, how in the WORLD did that dude know my

And, that’s when Max said, “Take it easy, Mom. The waiter recognizes us. Dad brings us here all the time.”


Angela Hoy lives on a mountain in North Georgia. She is the publisher of WritersWeekly.com, the President and CEO of BookLocker.com and AbuzzPress, and the author of 24 books.

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6 Responses to "I “Fired” an Adult Bully and Big Brother is Watching Me?!"

  1. Pamela Allegretto  May 10, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    Whatever happened to the “Golden Rule?” Have you ever had a complete stranger approach you with a compliment?: “Nice haircut,” “Pretty scarf,” etc. It instantly turns around what might have been a bad day. This is what I have practiced for many years: Whenever I go out in public, I make a point of complimenting at least one stranger. It make me feel good, and judging by the smiles, it elevates the spirits of that person. Win/win!

    • Julia  May 10, 2019 at 10:40 pm

      Yes, it is, Pamela, and the other day, the person of Beau, an especially sweet big dog admired my last year;s Mum’s day gift -my colourful vegetable gumboots with pull-up handles.

  2. Arlene Showalter  May 10, 2019 at 10:45 am

    Ha Ha!

  3. BF McCune  May 10, 2019 at 7:51 am

    And I think your children, like all children, are beautiful!

  4. Bonnie McCune  May 10, 2019 at 7:49 am

    I agree with your perspective on rude comments. I think it’s the result of a “freeing up” of social norms caused by the internet. Everyone feels he’s able to do this and is important/interesting enough that others will care. We used to simply gossip behind hands over our mouths, in whispers. Now we throw caution, common sense, and courtesy to the winds.

    As for knowing your name, I’ve found when this happens I’m usually still wearing a name tag from a meeting. I’ve boldly plastered my name on my chest before I approach the clerk in the bank or the waitress. Then I think they’re clairvoyant!

  5. Vinesh  May 10, 2019 at 3:18 am

    Ma’am, there are so many daft folks on this planet, I find it a puzzle how most of them get out of bed, without tripping on their own to feet. Obviously, for those two nutters you mentioned, the lift ain’t going all the way to the top.

    As for a chip implanted in you, sorry, you don’t have one–you have two!!

    Have a great, Angela. I always enjoy reading your posts.