Yea, Frank!

Last week, Frank’s floor hockey team won the championship! Woo hoo!! He scored a goal in the game and did an excellent job. We’re very, very proud of him!

We spent a lazy weekend together plotting our summer vacation. Thank heaven for MapQuest! It was quite a trick to plan a 5500-mile trip that includes online access at every stop. We were somewhat successful, with the exception of a national park where we’ll be so far out in the boonies that we won’t even have cell phone access that night. But, we’ll have someone else monitoring the sites, so we’re not worried about it. Gosh, we may even feel like we’re on vacation that night!

We woke up to new snow on the ground this morning, with more expected this week. But, at this time of year, most of it melts within a few hours. While I love the snow, I’m about to jump out of my skin wanting to plant flowers!

Hugs to everybody!