Which Life is Blotch on Now?

We had quite a rocky ride over the past week worrying about Blotch and crying endless tears, thinking he was on his last paw. Ali and I visited him at the kitty hospital on Thursday and I thought I detected something in him that told me he was getting better. The vet said he couldn’t see any improvement, but I thought I knew better (time will tell, I guess). On Friday, they wanted to keep him for the weekend, but I really wanted him to be at home, just in case he was dying. I didn’t want him to spend his last few days in a cold metal cage surrounded by barking dogs and hissing cats.

The vet agreed and sent us home armed with several syringes of his meds, appointments for daily shots of fluids (which we had to take him in for on the weekend) and an appointment at another vet on Tuesday for a probe of his sinuses, since the antibiotics seemed to be working much slower than they should (or not at all – it’s hard to tell).

Our primary concern was that Blotch wasn’t eating or drinking on his own. However, he stunned us all by getting up in the middle of the night on Saturday and diving into his cat food!

I’m writing this on Monday night and, while he is eating, he’s still not drinking any fluids on his own. His surgery is tomorrow and we’re hoping they can tell us why his sinuses are completely clogged. It could be a tumor or a fungus. A tumor didn’t show up on his x-ray, so we’re hoping a fungus is the diagnosis. If it’s a fungus, they’ll switch his meds and see if they can find something to get rid of it.

Blotch was feeling down tonight and we started worrying about him again. Maybe he just overdid it this weekend. Or, maybe he overheard us whispering about his sinus probe tomorrow. Ouch.

BLOTCH UPDATE 11/3/04: Blotch has surgery yesterday afternoon and they found a growth in his upper sinuses. It is either a fungus or a tumor. A fungus might be treatable depending on how bad it is. A tumor would be treatable, but the treatment would only cause extensive and prolonged suffering for Blotch and would likely not cure him. We won’t know for 5-7 days what it is. He’s home now and very comfy, sleeping off the anesthesia in Ali’s room with her right next to him doing her school work. She’s a good nurse. šŸ™‚

Hugs to all!

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