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When we lived in Maine, I would always be stuck inside this time of year anyway, the house buried under a few feet of snow, the rhythmic sound of Richard’s snow shovel outside (swish, swoosh….swish, swoosh), my feet bundled up in two or more pairs of socks, and a big, thick sweater wrapped around me. Sometimes, my fingers got so cold that I’d wear my fingerless mittens inside while typing each day. So, yes, while I still miss the snow at Christmastime, I don’t any other time and I certainly don’t miss that bone-jarring chill that would go on for weeks on end while we all prayed for any sign of green grass or a green leaf. Our friends in Bangor were reporting a temperature of -12 F this morning. Eeeeeehhhh….now THAT i don’t miss at all!!!

Where I’m sitting right now in Florida (in our sunroom), there is a row of windows overlooking the backyard and our large azalea bush is flaunting very large, red flowers, as it does all year long here. The flowers are pretty. The jet ski our neighbor asked us to keep for a few weeks for him is NOT. But, at least he left the keys in it! Heh…

A flock of geese just flew overhead. Since all the windows are open, I can hear them squawking at each other. They’re probably complaining because a cold front is hitting us right about now. It just started raining and the drops are plop-plopping on the flat roof overhead. It was 74 and sunny a couple of hours ago. Tonight, it’s going to plummet into the 40s! I don’t remember that type of weather in the Florida brochures we read when we were thinking about moving here! Ha ha!

I already checked the weather for next Saturday (January 11th) and, while it probably isn’t that accurate for nine days from now, I’ll take it because it should be close. They’re predicting 80 degrees. I won’t mind sitting inside that day for the contest, however. I LOVE reading the entries and I can’t wait for each quarterly contest to begin!

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I heard a big bump when Mason was playing under the table. I asked, “Did you whack your head?”

He replied, “Yes, but I can still remember you.”

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