What’s That Sound?

We had a very exciting Friday night here! Just before bed, I heard water running through the pipes upstairs and thought one of the children was showering. (My brain didn’t register that I’d never heard that water running upstairs before.) A few minutes later, Ali screamed, “Mom! There’s something wrong with the basement!”

I ran downstairs and discovered Richard was already in the basement. He’d heard the noise, too, put on his shoes, checked on it, and ran back upstairs for a rag (to get a grip on the pipes) before the rest of us even knew there was a problem.

I followed him down (barefoot…duh) and discovered 1-4″ inches of standing water in the basement, depending on where you were standing. A pipe had come loose and was squirting water everywhere! What a mess!!

Richard found the right valve and cut off the water supply to that pipe. It was a pipe under the washing machine. An old cap had rusted through and popped right off. After the water was cut off from the washing machine, everything was fine…except for the lake we were standing in. I thought there was a drain in the basement…but I guess not.

Richard went upstairs while I searched for the cap that had popped off. Just when I gave up and started for the stairs, I stepped on something and it was indeed the cap!

The old pipe is so rusted we had to call a plumber. The good news? I didn’t have to do any laundry all weekend!

Hugs to all!

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