What The Bloody…

On Thursday, when Frank was about to leave with Zach for the dentist, I told him, “Tell the doctor to pull that last baby tooth. It’s been hanging on for two years and you can’t get braces until it comes out. It’s time for those braces so let’s just get it taken care of…”

Frank’s eyes got as big as pancakes and, before I could even finish my sentence, he said, “I’ll pull it out myself!” and he ran from the bedroom.

Frank’s been trying to pull that tooth out for months and has never been successful. He wriggles it and plays with it for hours and then forgets about it for weeks on end. The dentist could never figure out why it wasn’t coming out either because x-rays showed there was no root left.

I heard him in the bathroom, shuffling about, and then I heard him yell, “Mom! MOM!! My filling came out!”

“Uh, Frank, you’re pulling on the correct tooth, right?!” I hollered back. I then turned to Ali and said, “Honey, go help your brother find his filling. It’s probably behind the toilet.”

That earned me a look of disgust and an, “Awe, Mom!!!”

I walked into the bathroom to see how he was doing, passing Zach in the hallway who was waiting to leave for the dentist. Frank was laughing and looking at himself in the mirror. Blood was pouring out of his mouth into the sink. He thought he looked like a horror movie character…and he was right.

I said, “Oh my gosh! What happened?”

His only reply was, “It’s okay, Mom, it doesn’t hurt.”

I said, “Clean the blood off the sink, put some gauze in your mouth, and go to the dentist. Let her do it.”

A few minutes later, he came into our bedroom and proudly displayed the stubborn tooth in his palm. Turns out that tooth was soldered to another one with a filling. That’s why it wouldn’t ever come out. Once the filling popped out, the battle was over.

Frank probably saved us a hundred bucks in extraction fees so the Tooth Fairy was very generous.

Hugs to all,

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